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Who we are

We are a small but rapidly growing community and try to keep church life active and maintain a vibrant community. We organise regular meals, quizzes, dance classes, and talks, among other events. Special emphasis is given to the youth and children of the community with regular catechist Sunday School and children's activities. We are currently awaiting a teacher for the Greek School, which we hope will be up and running by the autumn of this year.



The Community Board is the administrative body of the Community. The following Trustees were elected in January 2023:

Eleftheria Thanawalla-Demetriou

( President)

Antonios Papageorgiou

Michael Papageourgiou

Panayiotis Ioannou

Chris Chrysafis

Chris Merkis

Alex Pantelli

Demetris Daniels


Church Committee

The church committee are responsible for the day-to-day running of the church; from organising and publicising events, making decisions about when to organise special services, booking baptisms/weddings/funerals etc.


Ladies Philanthropic Society (Philoptochos)

The Philoptochos Committee are responsible for the philanthropic work of the community. They are the hosts and the welcoming face of the community and carry out many charity events. They are also responsible for running the gift shop in the church.

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