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Who was Saint Spyridon?

Our Patron Saint

Saint Spyridon was bishop of Tremithus in Cyprus. He was of peasant origin and, according to tradition, has suffered at the Diocletian prosecution. After becoming Bishop, he attended the First Ecumenical Council at Nicea and was also present at the Council of Sadica.

A large number of legends about his life were early in circulation. According to one of them, some thieves trying one night to rob him of his sheep, discovered their hands tied miraculously behind their backs. A tradition relates the incident at the Council of Nicea, by which Saint Spyridon, being theologically uninstructed, wished to prove the existence of the Holy Trinity. After praying, he took a piece of roof tile and squeezed it forcefully in his palm. Water was seen running down, the soil remaining in his palm, and air ascended upwards. In his simple language, Saint Spyridon explained the analogy to the delegated bishops. Another story relates how as a result of reciting the Creed at Nicea, a heathen philosopher was converted who had previously mocked at the Christian faith.

Saint Spyridon is considered one of the most miraculous Saints of the Greek Orthodox Church. When he died, he was buried in Tremithus, but his remains were taken to Constantinople about the end of the 7th century on account of an impending barbaric invasion, and kept there until the fall of Constantinople (1453). They were then taken to northwestern Greece and finally, in 1456, to the island of Corfu in Kerkyra. Today they are found in a large church dedicated to him and attract a great number of pilgrims from all Christian lands.

On certain days, the remains are taken in procession within the city of Kerkyra and many miraculous cures are attributed to him. He is the patron Saint of the island of Corfu. His feast day in the Orthodox Church is on December 12.

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Apolytikion in the First Tone

O Father, God-bearer, Spyridon, you were proven a champion and Wonder Worker of the First Ecumenical Council. You spoke to the girl in the grave and turned the serpent to gold. And, when chanting your prayers, most sacred One, angels ministered with you. Glory to Him who glorified you; glory to Him who crowned you; glory to Him who, through you, works healing for all.

Kontakion in the Second Tone

Wounded by your love for Christ, O holy One, your mind given wings by the radiance of the Spirit, you put the practice of theory into deeds, becoming a sacred altar, O Chosen by God, and praying for the divine illumination of all.

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