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Children in the Orthodox Church

Being at home in the church

Children are very much encouraged to take part in the church services and to play out the scenes in the life and Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ. They are made to feel that the church is their second home and the church members as part of an extended family. Although there is invariably some discipline required, they also feel free to move around the church, kissing the icons and listening to hymns and learning the prayers and stories of the church. 

The children's Dance School and life in the Church

Rehearsals. The Show. Learning the Faith and Culture

The Dance School, which performed at the recent Dinner Dance, led by teacher Angelina Michael was a great success and the children had lots of fun. It was lovely to see the children learning and performing traditional Greek dances and also as a way to include them in the life of the church. here are some pictures from the rehearsals that took place over the last few months and of the children being taught about our holy icons and how to make the sign of the cross by the priest Father Fotios.

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